Fazer before (left) and after (right)

Move over Dappy and Tulisa, Fazer wants a bite of the fame cherry now. It’s been a very strange few months for the N-Dubz bandmates, with Tulisa recovering from the embarassment of THAT tape, and Dappy making enemies in high places with the release of his graffic Tarzan 2 video, and now it’s overlooked Fazer’s time to shine.

Following the release of his debut solo single Killer, Fazer teamed up with Wonderland magazine to show a different side to himself, and we are glad that he’s made up like Tulisa and given up the chavtastic image in favour of something a bit more grown up.

Posing in a library sure does make you look intelligent…

It seems like Fazer is happy to put his N-Dubz fashion mishaps behind him and has learnt a few things along the way, when asked by Wonderland magazine if he was fashion conscious, and how important style and the way in which he chooses to represent himself is, he replied:

It’s massively important to me. When I’m out there in the public eye I try to make sure that what I’m wearing is completely different to what anyone else is wearing. I aim to tour heads and keep people on their toes. I love Alexander Wang and Christopher Raeburn. I like my independent labels. I’m not all about being seen in Gucci and Louis Vuitton. It’s not about that.

Well excuse us!