Would a sex-tape scandal deter Tulisa from painting herself as a sex-crazed dominatrix to the general public? Apparently not.

The X Factor judge openly stated that she likes dominating men (whatever we saw of her sexual activities sure as hell didn’t look like she was in control…) and in turn needs a man who can dominate her.

Tulisa is apparently “Obsessed” with the erotic novel 50 shades of grey, recommended to her by her make-up artist, who was aware of Tulisa’s affinity for dominating men and thought the book was ‘perfect’ for her.

The former N-Dubz starlet stated on Radio City Live :

I was one of the first people to get on to the 50 shades hype. My make-up artist introduced me to the book because she knows, personally, I like dominating men. I think it’s because I am so dominating that I need a dominating guy

However the popular book hasn’t improved her love life and perhaps her dominating ways had something to do with her break-up with Jack O’Connell.