We’re convinced that Georgia Salpa has stopped buying proper clothes and just lounges around in bikinis which are two sizes too small. I mean, can you even remember what she looks like fully dressed?!

Although to be honest if this was what we looked like in a bikini, we’d probably sell all our clothes on eBay too. The glamour model and former Big Brother contestant showed off her amazing body this week in a super sexy shoot for FHM, which got the nation’s pulses racing.

Wearing an itsy bitsy neon yellow bikini, Salpa posed with the gear stick strategically placed between her legs (yes we noticed). The sexy string bikini was fighting a losing battle as it tried to hold up the 27-year-old’s bountiful assets, while she tried as hard as possible to look comfortable straddling the two camper van seats.

We’re not sure where Georgia got that tan from but we are loving it.

Also I don’t know if any of you have ever been to the only Hooters restaurant in England, which happens to be in Nottingham by the way, but the last time I went there the girls certainly didn’t look this good.