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So you’re working as a steward for the Olympics and decide to brighten up your day with some light comedy to pass away the long shift hours.

Well one employee who goes by the name of Rachel Onosanwo, took a very brave approach to entertaining herself last week, while sat on a high chair directing crowds towards the Olympic Park for Friday’s opening ceremony with a megaphone in her hand.

The bored steward, who has become an overnight YouTube sensation, began commentating to unexpected visitors, some chuckling or stopping to listen to her unannounced speech full of jokes. She said in a monotone voice:

It’s here, gates are open, opening ceremony 2012, it all begins. Feel excited. My mouth is dry, I need some water but I am still talking because I am that happy I am going to overcome it.

That is my dedication I have for the role. Mouth dry but still talking, still happy, still excited. Yes I can’t contain my excitement everybody, today is a special day.

Some of you will say, I watched the Olympics. I’ll say, I listened to the Olympics from outside and I heard a bit. It was faint but I still heard it. I heard them having fun and celebrating and I felt happy inside, I felt a warmth in my heart and I carried on.

A crowd formed around the worker with people even saying she should do stand up comedy. The video has already gained over four hundred thousand views and Rachel explained her performance in an interview with Australia’s Channel 7.

Now that’s something to put on your CV!