While the Twittersphere was busy singing along to the Beatles and watching the Queen play a Bond Girl during the London 2012 Olympics opening ceremony last night, former TOWIE cast member Maria Fowler and SB.TV founder Jamal Edwards were busy creating their own spectacle on Twitter.

It all kicked off when the reality star questioned why former world heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali remained seated during part of the ceremonial flag bearing, not knowing that the legendary sportsman is a long time suffer of Parkinson’s Disease.

70-year-old Muhammad Ali sat down for part of the flag bearing ceremony

The glamour model tweeted:

Ahhh wish I was there so bad. muhammad Ali. No disrespect though but why can’t he stand now?

This enraged Edwards who launched a tirade of abuse at the reality star, labelling her dumb and a slag because she didn’t think to do her research before posting the question. Ouch!

The confrontation reached a whole new level when Jamal posted a picture of Maria on the social networking site calling her a pig!

Maria defended herself claiming that she had Googled 70-year-old Ali before her comment and highlighted that her grandfather had died from the disease, labelling Jamal a bully.

And just when we were about to run off and tell our teacher, Jamal soon cooled off and apologised for the playground antics:

Was Jamal right to take shots at Maria or was the whole thing blown way out of proportion? Share your thoughts.