Forget flicking through family photo albums, if you want to check out how cute some of these celebrity babies are, then look no further than Twitter.

When we came across this cutie we had to do a double take. Her dad’s genes must have been ever So Solid, as we can hardly see a resemblance with her almost-a-pop-star Mum.

Can you guess who the proud parents are?




It is in fact MC Harvey and Javine Hylton’s daughter, Angel Hylton Harvey.

Some of you may have to do a Google search to remember Javine. Apparently she’s still a singer but it looks like she’s found a better (and more succesful) job as a Mummy to her gorgeous four year old.

Lucky for Angel, good looks run in the family

Although the former reality TV star and Harvey may have gotten together under less than impressive circumstances (the So Solid Crew star made the biggest mistake of his life and cheated on then wife, Alesha Dixon) and ended in even worse circumstances (Harvey threatened to stab Javine after an argument over him staying out all night), at least they got something precious out of it.

And she even gets her nails done!