We all know that with reality TV talent shows the contestants can either make it big or find themselves at Z-list parties rubbing shoulders with Andy Abraham. Who? Exactly my point.

So it’s no surprise to learn that former The Voice contestant Jaz Ellington has already resorted to doing gigs at family budget holiday resort Butlins. To be honest it can’t be easy for Jaz, I mean making Will.i.am weep like a baby at your rendition of his song for him to then later dump you at the final stages of the show because you aren’t ‘marketable’ can’t have gone down too well. Oh and not to mention your tour being cancelled due to poor ticket sales.

But wait -it gets worse. Though the Lincolnshire resort of Bultins loved Jaz’s performance along with fellow contestant Max Milner, according to the Sun the resort have snubbed the idea of inviting the singers to perform again. A spokesman told the Sun:

People really enjoyed it but we don’t have any plans to do it again. We will look for the next hot thing and book that.

Ouch! Well with a baby son on the way Jaz had better think of a new way to bring home the bacon. Maybe try Pontins? It worked for Chico.