We know it’s for charity, but Jessie J shaving her hair off is something I am not looking forward too.

The Dominos singer announced last year that she would be getting rid of her hair to raise money for charity and has now confirmed that she’ll be popping down to her local hairdressers any time soon and is looking forward to it. She told We Love Pop magazine:

I’m going to announce the charity I’m doing it for soon. It’s taken a little while to get the ball rolling. It’s not as easy as, ‘Oh, ‘I’m going to shave my head!’

I want to make it worth it and make sure I raise a lot of money. I can’t wait, to be honest. I think I’m going to love it. My hair grows so quick, but it’s naturally dark blonde. Seeing my natural roots will be interesting.

Jessie hopes to make £1 million from the brave act, which is bound to get her on the front page of every newspaper in Britain, and she added that she’s not bothered about looking strange because her hair will grow back.

I’m so ready for it. Bic it, powder it, who cares? My hair will grow back. There are times when I wish I could have done marathons, but with my heart problem I couldn’t – but there are things I can do to raise money.

Yes like asking your 5 million plus Twitter followers to donate £1 pound to a charity in your name…