We all know that celebrities tend to be multi-talented, all singing all dancing rounded people. If they’re not on set filming or in the studio recording their latest album, they’re probably pretending to be fashion designers or brainstorming ideas for their latest Eau de smells-like -a-toilette.

But when JLS’ JB revealed back in March that he was thinking of becoming a farmer, we thought it was his way of getting attention. I mean being the member that everyone forgets about can’t be easy.

But it seems like JB is really serious with his new found hobby, so much so that he’s converting his Kent home into a farm and is planning on making his own jam. He told the Sun:

I’ve decided I’m going to have a deer farm. I’ve been doing my research and there’s certain times in the year when it’s best to buy them… I’m going to have a few females and one stag… Not only are they beautiful to look at, I’d like them to reproduce… I’ve already got chickens so eggs are sorted. And the orchard has apple and cherry trees. Oh and there are really good plums too so I can make some jam.

So let me get this straight. JB will be spending his spare time looking at deer while eating jam? Right…

We wonder what the other members of JLS think of JB’s Mr. Doubtfire ways.