Jo Wilfried Tsonga

Jo Wilfried Tsonga

Usually just the word ‘Wimbledon’ would be enough to send us to sleep. But we can’t help but notice the new talent on the court this year, and we’re not exactly talking tennis techniques.

Unlike football, tennis has never really been considered a sexy sport but that was before we laid eyes on this year’s players. Take Jo Wilfried Tsonga for example, his athletic build and perfectly formed face has us on the edge of our seats in every game.

Tsonga may have lost to Andy Murray yesterday, but if he ever needs a shoulder to cry on then we’d be more than happy to help. Not to mention we’d pick him over the likes of Ashley Cole ANY day.

Even Andy Murray is looking in tiptop shape when he was snapped topless recently.

Andy Murray

Just think of all the time wasted looking at average football players, when these tennis players have been right infront of us all this time.

All we can say is, roll on the Wimbledon final!