Karla Crome

After Antonia Thomas’ exit from the show in the last series, Misfits producers clearly wanted to keep the cast just as racially diverse and found a similarly attractive lady to take her place: Karla Crome.

Karla will be playing Jess in the fourth series of the hit drama and revealed that she’s just as fiery as Antonia’s character, Alisha, was. She told CultBox:

I suppose Jess says what she thinks and can see through people’s bullshit. Because she’s so straightforward she gets frustrated when people aren’t honest with her. She’s a tough cookie but she’s quite vulnerable too.

It is just us or does this sound exactly like Alisha?

But we’re going to have to wait a bit longer to find out if she has a unique superhero power like the others, as Karla isn’t giving too much away about the new story lines:

I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say, but the new characters arrive with their own stories and personalities and that drives a lot of the plot.

The actress has also appeared in the series Hit & Miss and admits that one day she wouldn’t mind working on a detective or police drama such as Luther. Well who wouldn’t want to star alongside the insanely good looking Idris Elba?

Misfits is back later this year.

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Karla dons the famous orange jumpsuit and joins the rest of the gang