Kanye do something she’s touching me!

It’s becoming blindingly obvious that Beyonce does not rate Kim Kardashian in the slightest, despite Kim’s many attempts to get in with the superstar.

Sorry Kim.

And just like the middle child who has been bullied by the eldest and then proceeds to bully the little sister, Kim took her anger out on the not-so-famous-anymore Mel B.

Both Kim Kardashian and Mel B are in Paris for the elitist  Couture Week with their carry on baggage also known as beaus Kanye West and Stephen Belafonte.

But Kim looked notably underwhelmed when she met Mel B and her husband and as Mel B stood up to greet her, the disappointment was pretty clear from her face. In fact she  looks like she just saw a ghost. Well… Mel B is getting on a bit.

As Kim Kardashian had decided to cover up in a Stephane Rolland piece which swamped her small frame in an ocean of ruffles, Kanye’s eyes couldn’t help but drift towards voluptuous former Spice girl Mel B. Her silver bustier was a source of entertainment for the rapper and his gaze lingered there long enough for it to be caught on camera. Tut tut!