Just when we thought that Desperate Scousewives star Layla Flaherty couldn’t publicly embarrass herself anymore, the 27-year-old reality star has well and truly outdone herself.

We spotted a sequence of unfortunate pictures of the model, and part time hot mess, spectacularly falling flat on her face at the Duke of Essex Polo event held last night in Epping.

I mean Layla must have done this on purpose because these pictures are too tragic to be true.

One, the whole point of a magic bra is that we don’t see it… Fail.

Two, how someone can hit so many positions while making their way down to the ground is beyond me, the girl looks like she’s break-dancing!

Layla eats some grass during her spectacular fall

Three, revealing a thong that appears to be soaked in God knows what, isn’t how one should be behaving at the polo.

All I’m saying is that tramp stamp defined her epic night of failure perfectly. Someone make a hole for this girl to be swallowed up in… For everyone’s sake.

Picture perfect moments…