“Why do you think you take a ho to a hotel”. This is a lyric from rapper Ludacris’ song Ho, for those of you who didn’t know.

Ludacris is also the rapper who featured on Chingy’s song Holiday Inn, a track about taking girls to a hotel, getting them drunk and basically having an orgy. He also featured on Pitbull’s song Hotel Room Service and is clearly a man who can’t get enough of having fun in hotel rooms.

So why would Lewis Hamilton, who is in big trouble with his girlfriend after he was snapped entering a hotel with a bunch of girls, hang around with him and put the pics all over Twitter for the world to see?

The Formula One driver is in Cannes and was snapped hanging out with the American rapper in a restaurant. Ludacris is a big time ladies man, so maybe he can give Lewis some tips on how to get Nicole to completely forgive him for his naughty behaviour.

Lewis has been sending flowers to Nicole’s hotel room in London non stop, but we think he’s going to have to do better than a few poxy roses. You’re a multi-millionaire race-car driver Lewis! Send her a Lamborghini or something.