If there was one way to ruin your sister’s squeaky clean pop star image, getting sentenced for selling cocaine would be a great way to start.

Last year Jonathan Nelson, the brother of Little Mix star Jesy was caught selling cocaine red-handed  by an undercover reporter. As he appeared at Southend Crown Court for sentencing on Wednesday Jonathan revealed that he had only agreed to sell cocaine because a man, known as Mr Turner, had threatened him saying if he didn’t repay his debts his sister Jesy would be kidnapped.

Jonathan has no doubt embarrassed his sister and her bandmates

Jonathan had a £100-a-day cocaine habit which left him £3,000 in debt to a man he knew only as Mr Turner. Jonathan told the court how he was warned in a phonecall from the mystery man in December last year about the consequences of not repaying his debt.

He said: 

I asked him for more time. He was angry. He was making threats and he threatened to kidnap my sister because she had just become famous. I said if there is anything I can do to pay the money I would do it.’ He called me again and said “you will have to do me a few favours”.

Jonathan was sentenced to a 10-month prison sentence, suspended for 18 months, ordered to carry out 200 hours unpaid work in the community and was told to pay costs of £600. Which were sure his sister can cover.