He may potentially become a father later this year, but obviously that is not going to stop Mario Balotelli’s wandering eye.

And since his ex girlfriend Raffaella Fico denied him a paternity test, the Manchester City striker seems more determined than ever to move on to his next woman.

The 21-year-old is now apparently interested in newly single Michelle Keegan, who recently split from her boyfriend Max George. (He’s one of those boys from The Wanted)

A source told the Daily Star:

Mario has been telling all his mates he’s going to hook up with Michelle. He has a massive thing for her. They have met before and know each other from drinking in a lot of the same bars. But Mario is planning to get to know her much better. He’s confident she’ll be interested.

But Balotelli shouldn’t get his hopes up just yet, Michelle has reportedly said that she’s sick of relationships and wants nothing more to do with men.