Oh Balotelli, when are you not in the press surrounded by beautiful women? And why cant one of those women be me?

The Man City striker was snapped in Ibiza with some girls wearing tiny bikinis, as he went for a ride on a jet ski. Balotelli is set to take a paternity test after his ex girlfriend Rafaella Fico announced she was pregnant earlier this month. But even if the baby is his, we doubt this party boy will give up his ways.

Watch those hands blondie!

The 21-year-old seemed to focus most of his attention on one particular lady who gave the cameras a cheeky flash of her derriere, obviously on purpose. And to be honest, Balotelli didn’t exactly look like a man who has major baby drama going on, as the pretty blonde wrapped her arms around the footballer.

We just hope Fico doesn’t see these pictures and do something crazy to spite Balotelli, like I dunno try and auction off the baby or something.