Being told your ex girlfriend is pregnant is enough to make you down three bottles of wine in 10 minutes. But when you then discover the baby might not be yours and that your girlfriend has already started making money off a foetus. You’ve gotta let your frustration out somehow.

And that’s exactly what Balotelli did as he went wild in St.Tropez with some scantily clad models. The Man City star was spotted at the VIP Room in the French town with a bottle of champagne in one hand a Shisha pipe in the other and a blonde behind him, giving the footballer a massage!

Rafaella on the other hand has been spending most of her time walking around shopping malls, pretending like she cant see the hundreds of people following her.

The 27-year-old model apparently hid her pregnancy from Balotelli for four months with the striker calling her behaviour ‘disappointing’.

Very disappointing indeed! We think Balotelli deserves a little alcohol and a nice massage, of course I would have preferred if It were my hands on those shoulders, but we cant have everything we want can we.