Pop’s Royal Couple Rochelle Wiseman and Marvin Humes have been preparing for their wedding for months, and it seems like on their special day the famous pair ran out of money to dress some of the most important guests in classy attire.

The Saturdays and the JLS boys were dressed in chavtastic velour tracksuits. The girl’s tracksuits had Bridesmaid emblazoned on their lower backs, while the boys had their names sewn onto their Puma tracksuit tops which made them look like a small team of Olympic rejects as they left Feathers hotel to get the the wedding venue, Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire.

The Saturday’s had diamonte tramp stamps on their tracksuits

Earlier in the day Rochelle and Marvin disregarded tradition and sorted out some last minute preparations together, and Rochelle seemed to be taking the reins.

Did anyone else see that bottle of Sambucca? Wild Wedding Night anyone?

With Tulisa rumoured to be among the performers during the wedding reception, we expect it was a chavtastic event all round. We can’t wait for the wedding pictures!