When a child is born, many parents make the decision to name their newborn after someone famous. Just take Cher Lloyd for example.

But how would you feel if you were told you were named after EastEnders very own Ian Beale? Well that’s exactly how the story goes for upcoming grime artist Maxsta.

When asked in an interview about why he doesn’t use his original name Ian, the 20 year old replied;

I used to tell people my name was Maxwell, so that’s where Max and Maxsta came from. I just didn’t like the Ian name. My mum blatantly told me one day, “before you were born, Ian Beale from EastEnders was a young, cool guy, so that’s why your name is Ian”. I was like “no, leave it! That’s f***ed up”.  I’ve never said that before, I’ve never told anyone, so that’s an exclusive. An embarrassing exclusive.

Well it’s not so exclusive any more Ian. And yes we will be calling you that from now on.