We should have seen this one coming. You become famous for releasing X Factor judge Tulisa’s sex tape, you lose a publicised court case and now you’re releasing a new single. Very smart.

MC Ultra, real name Justin Edwards, is according to The Sun planning on relaunching his music career and has already released a video for his song Have You Ever.

I didn’t even have to listen to half of the song to realise it wasn’t for me, but for those of you who want to see some women in bikinis on a beach, I guess it’s worth a watch.

Edwards recently admitted that he leaked the sex tape and Tulisa believes he should be jailed for initially lying about it. We must admit a year in jail would produce some great material for his album.

Oh and for those of you stans saying that the main girl in the video looks like Tulisa, she has dark hair. That’s it! Jheez

Check out the video below:

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