Tulisa and MC Ultra

The silence has finally been broken. MC Ultra has opened up about the death threats he’s been receiving since the release of Tulisa’s sex tape. And he isn’t happy.

MC Ultra aka Justin Edwards told Loaded Magazine:

I had millions of little 12-year-olds sending me death threats on Twitter

A lot of people made assumptions about what happened and why. Her fans have been destroying me. Some of them are like, ‘Go and die’.

It’s been a hellish time having the world turn against you, it’s not been nice for me and my family. I went on Twitter and wrote, ‘All this fuss over something so little’.

The 28-year-old said the intimate act was filmed on Tulisa’s phone whilst she was on tour with N-Dubz in 2010.

We’d done our sound check and then me and her snuck off for a bit of naughty time in an empty changing room

But Tulisa’s ex still insists that it was not him that leaked the tape and in fact he even forgot about it until he received a frantic text from the songstress:

She texted me saying, ‘Contact me straight away, there’s a story about us’.

I filmed it but not on my phone. How can I release something that I haven’t got?

But there were a couple of options of people it could have been and who could have put it out there.

Tulisa initially stayed silent on the tape but later confirmed it was her. She went on to take Justin to London’s High Court for a £100,000 breach of privacy claim but he denied that he leaked the X rated video.

Well we’re glad MC Ultra has finally spoken, but we don’t think an interview with Loaded is enough to keep Tulisa’s little minions off his back. I mean death threats from 12-year-olds? It doesn’t get any worse than that…