We’re still trying to get over the magnificent pictures of Layla Flaherty’s fall at the Duke of Essex Polo last week, and to be honest we don’t think any trip, slip or fall will ever rival hers.

Misha B was on her way to a gig last week and instead of being a proper celeb and getting a taxi or having a driver, the X Factor star decided to jump on her bike. We reckon Misha was wearing one of her crazy pair of shoes, either that or one of her curls got in her face because according to The Sun Misha ended up flying over the handle bars and was left with some nasty bruises.

Unfortunately we couldn’t get a video of the fall, but if it was the precious bike she bought back in February, we can imagine she’s pretty upset.

misha b bike

Misha B was all smiles when she bought a new bike in February