For most people, being compared to Nicki Minaj wouldn’t exactly be something to jump for joy over. However, it seems Misha B isn’t complaining about the constant comparisons she’s been getting.

The former X Factor contestant has said she considers being compared to Nicki as a compliment.

She told MTV:

I mean, you can’t run away from comparisons, and being compared to somebody as great as she is, you know, it’s only a compliment

Are you sure about that Misha? The singer went on to discuss her new album saying:

I just can’t wait for people to hear my other music and then to be able to say, ‘That’s Misha B’s style’. For me I feel like ‘Home Run’ is just one chapter of my album, and it’s definitely for that genre of music altogether

To be honest we can’t really see the resemblance, but we look forward to your new green hair anyway Misha!