Nicki Minaj has just announced that Misha B will be joining her on her Pink Friday Reloaded UK tour this autumn as a special guest. And as you can imagine the X Factor singer is over the moon.

Misha has often been called the UK’s answer to Minaj, so it’s no surprise that the Starships singer has picked Misha to be her special guest. And Misha is definitely feeling special she said

I’m over the moon to be Nicki’s support on her UK tour!  Really looking forward to catching a vybz and gettin out there and performing new songs.  Woohoo Woop Woop!

Well let’s just hope Misha B is ready for a major shopping trip to her local costume store, because we know she’s gonna need something outlandish to rival whatever stuffed animal dress Nicki decides to wear.

Oh and in your face Tulisa!