After making us wait forever, the original Sugababes have finally revealed what they will be calling themselves after they realised they wouldn’t be able to get their original name back from those cheeky new Sugababes, who don’t even make music anymore.

Mutya Buena, Keisha Buchanan and Siobhan Donaghy have been ever so creative and have decided to call themselves ‘Mutya Keisha Siobhan’. (Yes we hate it too.)

We know it’s hard thinking of a new name, but it’s 2012 ladies. You gotta do better than that! What about The Originals, or The We Were Here Firsts or even The Ex-Sugababes? Surely that’s allowed?

The legal document filed by Mutya Keisha Siobhan

The talented trio signed a £1million deal with Polydor in April, so they’ll have quite a bit of  money to play around with in case any of the want to update their wardrobes or top up their butt implants (Mutya).