When we heard that Nicki Minaj had asked festival organisers at T in the Park to cut the grass around her dressing room, we thought it was a bit strange. Then we looked at Nicki’s outfits over the year and her ever changing personality in videos and interviews and thought, this doesn’t sound so strange after all.

But the American superstar has revealed that not only are the rumours false, but they are also as absurd as that outfit she wore during her London visit in April. She told Australia’s Sunday Herald Sun:

It’s the most absurd thing I’ve heard printed about me in a very long time. Who gives two f**ks about someone’s grass? I was wearing my wellies and it was all mud.

I would never tell anyone to cut grass. I don’t give two s**ts about anyone’s grass. I went to the festival happy to have an outdoorsy type experience. Why would I go somewhere and ask somebody to cut grass? It’s sad because I can’t defend myself against these lies.

No Nicki dropping your ice cream cone on a hot day, like the one we’re enjoying today is sad, we’re sure you’ll get over a few rumours about grass in no time.