Lewis Hamilton at Funky Buddha

Uh oh, looks like Lewis Hamilton has a lot of lying explaining to do to girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger after he reportedly partied in a penthouse suite until 5.30 am with not one, not two, not three, but 10 women!

On Tuesday the Formula One race driver was out partying with American rapper J.Cole at London club Funky Buddha when he decided to take the party back to his £3,800 a night penthouse suite at the Mayfair Hotel.

Lewis Hamilton and Emily Tudor

Lewis Hamilton at the Mayfair Hotel, Emily Tudor (centre)

Amongst the herd of women who went back to his hotel room was 21-year-old Emily Tudor and 20-year-old Claudia Martinez. The busty blonde and brunette spilled the beans about the hotel shenanigans telling  The Sun

It was huge, there was a kitchen, two bathrooms, two bedrooms and a huge lounge. Lots of people were chilling in the main bedroom, people were smoking on the balcony. At one point Lewis was spraying champagne all over the room like he had just won a race.

However Nicole was less than impressed by her boyfriend’s antics with a source revealing

Yes she’s angry, he’s embarrassed her. It’s not his typical behaviour, but of course she’s not happy. However she knows he hasn’t done anything wrong, but she’s angry that he’s been seen out like this while she’s back in America.

A source close to Hamilton said that ‘as a sportsman at the peak of his game, he [Lewis Hamilton] has to occasionally let off steam.’ Adding

Lewis rarely goes out and when he’s back in England he loves to catch up with his friends. He enjoyed going out on Tuesday, had a great time but nothing untoward happened.

Here’s a suggestion Lewis Hamilton, next time let steam off at a spa or at the gym- not with a bunch of scantily clad women.