Lewis and his h*es check into a hotel. (That’s a joke btw, they’re probably lovely girls)

Nicole Scherzinger may have forgiven Lewis Hamilton over his recent antics, but it looks like he still has a lot of grovelling to do.

The former Pussycat Doll reportedly became upset when she saw pictures of her Formula One boyfriend accompanied by a large group of girls entering a Mayfair hotel. And we don’t blame her. You don’t invite a minibus full of pretty girls back to your hotel to watch TV do you?

Lewis may think he’s wriggled himself out of this one by reassuring Nicole that nothing happened, but I wouldn’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet if I were him.

nicole scherzinger crying

Scherzy looked glum as she arrived in the UK yesterday

Judging by the pictures snapped of Nicole as she landed in Heathrow yesterday, the former PussyCat Doll looked far from happy and we don’t exactly blame her.

An insider told The Sun:

Nicole was very upset Lewis allowed himself to be put in such a vulnerable position, because he should know what people will say and think when they see these types of pictures… But she accepts nothing went on in the hotel room.

Well, we’d hate to be Lewis Hamilton right now. Though we wouldn’t have minded being him on that Tuesday night, it sounded like it was a lotta fun.