Mario Balotelli and Gary Lineker’s brother Wayne in Ibiza

Mario Balotelli done Gary Lineker’s brother Wayne a big favour when he partied at his venue the Ocean Beach Club in Ibiza on Friday and allegedly spent £4000, breaking a record.

Now Balotelli gets paid £100,000 a week and £4000 isn’t really that much considering the price of alcohol at celebs spots these days. Nevertheless I could think of a hundred other things he could have spent the money on. Like pampers, a pram or a cupboard full of baby food. But each to their own.

Wayne Lineker tweeted his excitement saying

We think a house in Rotherham costs more than £4000, but OK. Wayne also revealed that Balotelli doesn’t know who Gary Lineker is, which we found rather surprising.

He was probably joking Wayne.