If you’re ever looking for the next big thing, we think we may have just found the guy.

Mynature (pronounced miniature) may not be a household name right now, but he has caused quite a storm in the underground scene.

The south London rapper only recently decided to pick up the mic and take music seriously, but he’s already amassed over 100,000 views on his YouTube channel. He’s also featured Ghetts on a tune called It’s Crazy Remix and worked with Dot Rotten on a track for his upcoming album It’s My Nature.

However things haven’t always looked so positive for Mynature who said “my life has been a movie.”  And he’s not exaggerating.  As a teen Mynature (or Mini as he is affectionately known to his friends due to his small 5’6 stature), was seduced into a life of crime. Starting out by simply selling weed so that he would have enough money to purchase an expensive present for his mother at Christmas. His hunger and thirst for more saw him fall deeper into this world. With a long criminal record Mynature woke up when he was sentenced to six years in prison at the age of 21. His spell behind bars gave him the opportunity to reflect on life.

Artist Eli, protege of American rapper The Game, made it his quest to team up with Mynature on a trip to the UK after hearing his Niggas In Paris freestyle. Mynature and Eli got together in the studio to create New York to London and US radio station Hot 97 have already begged Eli to send them the tune for an exclusive first spin. Which could see the South London rapper also making a name for himself across the pond.

After performing at the LoveBox festival line up alongside the likes of Ms Dynamite, Boy Better Know and P Money last month, we’re sure Mynature has a bright future ahead of him.