ortise williams nicki minaj

If you thought that Oritse was the JLS member with no game, then think again.

Turns out the rest of the band could learn a thing or two from their fellow band mate, after Oritse allegedly secured a date with Miss Nicki Minaj herself. Ooo-er!

It’s well known that he has been trying to woo the Starships singer for over a year now, remember when he sent her that box of condoms? Yeah we’re cringing just remembering that. But his hard graft may have finally paid off!

The singer chatted to online bloggers Dead Cloud at the Wireless Festival (where they both happened to be) and said:

I’ve just come to see Nicki Minaj. She’s sexy. I tried to hit her up on Twitter. I was trying to say, ‘I’m coming down Nicki, and the swag is gonna be extra tight, you know what I’m saying?

According to Oritse, Nicki replied saying:

Well Oritse, I’m gonna see you backstage honey.

(To be fair to him, it does sound like something Nicki would say.)

He then responded saying:

What’s going on Nicki? I’m gonna see you later on and if you’ve got something to do I’d cancel your plans ‘cos I’m making new ones.

Woah, feisty. So far we’ve not heard much about this alleged date… but when asked if he’d be taking Miss Minaj on a date, Oritse replied “Yeah”. Keep a look out in your local Nando’s, we all know Nicki loves it.