A Design Technology teacher is suing a holiday adventure activity centre in Dartmoor, Devon for £5 million in damages after he broke his neck during a welly throwing contest which left him paralysed from the neck down back in 2007.

Bromley resident, 45-year-old Glennroy Blair-Ford, was on a school trip with his school Wilmington Enterprise College in Dartford, Kent when he was seriously injured during a mini Olympics with his pupils. Blair-Ford flung the boot backwards between his legs, the Design and Technology head then lost balance and was unable to break his fall.

CRS Adventures Limited in Dartmoor

Mr Blair-Ford’s lawyers say that that the company CRS Adventures Ltd breached a duty it owed to the teacher. Barrister Nathan Tavares said:

The method of throwing that the claimant was required to adopt, namely hurling the boot backwards between his legs, was unsafe. It produced rotation of the body of the thrower, which resulted in the weight of the body acting outside the base of support provided by the feet. At the same time, the thrower’s hands were between his legs and behind him releasing the welly, so that he overbalanced forwards and could not break his fall.

CRS Adventures denies any wrong doing in the incident that has left Glennroy Blair-Ford needing a wheelchair for life arguing the risk of serious injury was “not foreseeable”.

If Blair-Ford wins his case the money will help him fund the care he needs at his nursing home.