professor green Olympics 2012If I had a pound for the amount of times I’ve heard ‘I’m not looking forward to the Olympics’ or ‘All this Olympic ish is uber annoying’ or any other anti-Olympic babble, I would be on a yacht in Monaco eating caviar right now.

And it’s not only us normal people who are getting annoyed at having Olympic banners stuck on the lamposts on our street and having to take the long route to our boyfriend’s house because some stupid torch is coming to town and all the roads have been shut down. Some celebs are getting pretty annoyed too. Professor Green took to his Twitter account to share his thoughts on the Olympics saying:

The At Your Inconvenience rapper spoke to the Guardian earlier on in the month regarding his Olympic feelings. When asked if he thought the games were good for east London he said

I’m going to say no. I’m sure there are people who’d rather I bite my tongue, smile and say yes but the truth is, once they’re over and everyone has gone, what have they really changed? They’ve made use of barren land and land which housed old factories by building private accommodation. Take a walk over towards West Ham Park and you can clearly see where this “regeneration” starts and ends.

Well we don’t think he’ll be invited to carry the Olympic torch any time soon.