He may run rings around football players on the pitch, but when it comes to relationships Mario Balotelli isn’t so dominant.

The Manchester City striker requested a paternity test when he learned that his ex girlfriend Raffaella Fico was pregnant. But what Balotelli wants, Balotelli doesn’t always get because Raffaella has pretty much ignored him.

Rafaella and Mario during happier times

A source told the Daily Star:

She was delighted to find out she was pregnant. She is from the south of Italy from a very traditional family and she can’t wait to be a mother

She has been left very disappointed and stressed out by Mario’s statement asking her for a DNA test. The baby is his and the suggestion it is possibly from a relationship she had with someone else has not gone down well with her mother or brother.

We can understand her frustration, being on and off with someone for two years and having them requesting a DNA test is a slap in the face. But then again hundreds of girls try to get footballers pregnant these days, so we cant blame the famous footballer for being cautious.

Looks like Balotelli will have to wait until the birth, because his ex girlfriend is not letting anyone or thing near her womb.