We’re not sure how Mario Balotelli feels about his ex girlfriend, but if they’re not on speaking terms, he may want to find a hiding place in Ukraine and never return as rumours are being spread about the Italian model being pregnant.

Balotelli and Raffaella split up earlier this year over his alleged affair with countless women, but unless she’s hiding something under her top or had just eaten a table full of food, they might want to reconcile for the baby’s sake if anything.

The former reality star was spotted at a charity event in Rome handing out free lottery tickets to passengers on the underground when she was snapped with a swollen belly. The Sunday Mirror claim that Raffaella’s representative contacted them last week trying to sell a story about the pregnancy. The representative told the paper that ‘the story is worth a lot of money because they [Balotelli and Raffaella] are not on their own any more.

Pretty scandalous eh? And we reckon a baby will do Balotelli well, maybe mature him up a bit. Who knows maybe when he finds out that he may be a daddy, he’ll be this happy: