Rebecca Ferguson beehive, black and white dress

Apart from appearing on X Factor, Rebecca Ferguson hasn’t really done much to catch our attention since. Fair enough, she’s got a great singing voice, but her personality seems to be pretty bland in comparison.

However, just when we’d decided to write her off as the next Leona Lewis, she went on a Twitter rampage and announced that she would be taking her former ‘vile’ management to court after they made her work to the point of exhaustion.

The mum of two also revealed that she collapsed from being so overworked, but instead of some much needed sympathy and time off, she was only given a can of coke before being told to carry on with a pre arranged interview.

On Friday, Rebecca livened up our timelines by tweeting:

The heartless demanding management in question is apparently Modest Management, who also look after other X Factor artists including JLS, One Direction and Little Mix.

Could this lead to other artists slamming the management team too?

Either way, it’s nice to see the Liverpool Lass standing up for herself and finally showing us that she does a fiery (and interesting) side to her.