What are friends for? Lying to your parents when you want to stay out late, lending you a tenner to get your nails done or telling your sex secrets to The Sun if you have the sort of mates glamour model Renay Louise has.

A friend of the pretty brunette revealed to The Sun that Renay had enjoyed a fling with JLS singer Aston Merrygold in August last year after meeting at a Mayfair club. And that the boyband singer had boxes of condoms all around his bedroom. Renay’s friend said

There was a shelf with a few ornaments and, right in the middle, was this box of condoms with Aston’s face.

I think Renay thought it was funny, but it’s that type of character that attracted her to him. She thought he was a funny guy and said he was always great fun to be with.

As if that wasn’t enough at the right-hand side of his bed in a mirrored wardrobe was another box with loads in! He was obviously serious about being safe. She slept with him that night and said she had a great time.

We’re sure she did. And last night mum-of-one Renay confirmed the fling saying “We were seeing each other. He was a nice guy and there’s no hard feelings”.

Maybe not now, but we’re sure there were a lot of ‘hard feelings’ during that August for Mr Merrygold.