rihanna laughing

When we heard Rihanna had spent £7000 in Nando’s we thought a) She’s crazy b) Why so much?! Who is she buying it for!? c) Nando’s is nice though….

But alas she’s not as much of a chicken lover as Nicki Minaj who spent £3000 in the restaurant as has been widely reported. In actual fact Rihanna only spent…. £483.75.

A spokesperson for Nando’s said:

I can confirm a member of Rihanna’s team placed an order at our High Street Kensington restaurant on Sunday, but I can assure you it didn’t cause our restaurant to close.

The order included 260 Wings, 10 Halloumi Bugers, 2 Veggie Burgers, 12 Large Coleslaws and 10 Large Mixed Leaf Salads, coming to a total of £483.75.

Still a lot but not as mega as the sum that could get you a nice BMW 1 series!