We here at Pappzd have come to the realisation that Rio Ferdinand is a man of creativity and expression. A man so confident in himself, that he’s released an iPhone app solely about you guessed it… himself, dresses in women’s clothing whenever he damn well wants to and isn’t afraid to say whatever he likes on social networking sites.

Despite getting a slap on the wrist by the FA after ‘choc ice’ gate and getting daily abuse from rival football fans, the 33-year-old United player insisted that he will not stop using Twitter and explained while on a pre-season tour in Shanghai that Twitter isn’t a place for the fainthearted:

Twitter is something that lets fans get a bit closer to you by letting them see you do everyday things – just giving them a glimpse of what you get up to.I treat it as fun. I don’t take it too seriously, to be honest.

Anyone who says they’re thinking of going on Twitter, I always say ‘You’ve got to have a thick skin. You’ve got to be able to take abuse. If you can’t take abuse, then it’s not the place for you to be on there.

You have Liverpool fans, Manchester City fans, obviously now Chelsea fans, who seem to follow me and come on there just to abuse me, but I’m not arsed

So Rio has basically told millions of Twitter users around the world to man-up or deactivate their accounts. Well move over Balotelli, we think we’ve found our new premiership bad boy!