We all love our crazy celebrities and Rita Ora is proving to be as wacky as they get. Flashing her arse on stage, wearing nothing but a t-shirt in public and now she admits to being an underage drinker. Nice.

Obviously we don’t condone underage drinking, but when you’re sitting in your west London home waiting to get signed, what else is there to do? In an interview with American radio jockey Bobby Bones, Rita admitted that she started drinking at the tender age of 15.

The How We Do singer also agreed that America’s strict drinking laws were the reason why there was an alcohol problem in the country and revealed her worries about her younger brother.

My brother just turned fourteen and I hope he’s not drinking, but he’s probably not going to tell me if he was

We like a naughty Rita, but she’s still got a few things to learn from Rihanna if she wants to get that bad girl image down to a tee.