Woman of the moment Rita Ora teamed up with Complex Magazine to bring us this colourful spread of sexy and exciting images for their August/September 2012 issue.

While wearing a lacy bra, posing with pencils in her mouth and showing off her ample assets in tiny white hot pants, Rita explained that she’s just not that girly and much prefers wearing trainers on stage. Ahh so there is a reason for all those pairs of Jordans then! She told the magazine:

I’m like a dude. Jordans are my favorite. I wear them all the time for shows. I can get girly-girly when I want to, but I can’t perform in heels. I would bust my face open on stage and we don’t want that.

No we definitely don’t want that. Ora also admitted that she still gets bervous before her performances:

I get nervous before shows and then I’m just like, okay let’s go… It’s like, you can’t f**k it up now because everybody’s watching you. It’s more of a rush—like an adrenaline high.

Yikes, we wouldn’t like to be in her Jordans up on stage in front of expectant fans.

Check out the rest of the sizzling pictures from the Complex Magazine shoot in the gallery below.