Rita Ora’s style is just incredible. And the best thing is that she really does not seem to care what anyone says about what she chooses to wear. Of course Rita has made me raise my eyebrow with some of her choices *cough* Butt Exposing Jeans *cough* but when she gets it right, she gets it really right.

The R.I.P singer kept true to her love, bordering on obsession, with streetwear in graffiti cargo pants, masculine black boots and a Los Angeles Hundreds beanie.

I’m starting to think her stylist has the Trapstar team on speed dial. She wore the brand yet again but this time with a black printed T Shirt. But she ensured she didn’t look too masculine by tying the top up and making it into a crop top, exposing her toned stomach.

Clap for yourself girl…

And Rita’s good choices didn’t end there. She attended the festival afterparty on the night of the July 7 in a PVC dress that on anyone else would be a huge mistake but Rita pulled it off with her usual effortless swag.

Rain… do your worst!

With a smirk on her face which seemed to say, “Yes I am wearing a PVC maxi dress and trainers. And I look damn good!” Rita arrived at the DSTRKT club following her performance at the London festival.

Rita styled her dress up with a gold watch and plenty of gold jewellery, her trademark blonde hair (I like this outfit so much that I’ll let the black roots slide) and of course, bright red lips.

Rita seems to have a thing for PVC, especially for clubbing in London as she was seen out in a pink PVC jacket last month, and the images of her in a black latex dress at her single launch in May are practically imprinted on our corneas.

One thing that definitely should not have been added to this outfit was a red leather jacket.

PVC Overload!

Eww. Apart from that one slip up, we’re loving Rita’s Wireless Swag!