Rochelle Wisewan at Wireless Festival 2012

They may be getting married in a few weeks, but perhaps Rochelle and Marvin should be focusing on controlling their domestics before they tie the knot.

The pair reportedly clashed at the Wireless Festival this weekend after they both consumed a lot of alcohol. A source told The Mirror:

Rochelle became upset with Marvin.

She was telling a friend that she was annoyed at him, as he tried to calm her down.

Later… Rochelle was shouting at him, ‘You didn’t pick me up’. By this time they were both well watered. They’d been drinking since about two o’clock in the afternoon, and it was now gone 10pm.

A friend intervened and told them to have it out in private because everybody was looking.

Well thank god somebody told them!

Maybe this one can slide as a ‘blame it on the alcohol situation’. But let’s hope the couple steer clear from any booze on the wedding day or this happily ever after marriage could turn into a not so happy sour divorce.