Sahara Santos shows off her curves

Woah there!

First thoughts when looking at the photos above is 1. God is real, 2. Let us thank her parents and 3. How does one get a body like that?

Yesterday model Sahara Santos tweeted this photo of herself in a itty bitty blue bikini, which sent Twitter into a frenzy, so it was only right that the 20-year-old Brazilian beauty let us know her bikini body secrets.

Speaking to Pappzd, she said

I start by eating a regular portion of carbs and have a pre-workout protein shake 2 hours before I go to the gym. Once I’m at the gym my personal trainer  has me do 10 minutes on the bike as a warm up. I work on my legs first, lifting weights either on the weight machines or squats with free weights.

Then time for the bum work out!  Lunges, squats and endurance after each set to activate the muscles. Usually 4-5 sets of 20 reps and 30-60 minutes of endurance and then abs. I cool down by stretching then swim a few laps to relax.

And in case you’re wondering if you’ll have to starve yourself to achieve a body like Sahara, don’t worry. She eats a combination of chicken, salad, yoghurt, rice and Weetabix so you won’t have to do anything drastic like chew on celery or leaves.

Right. Off to join a gym!