The feud between Scorcher and Dappy has continued following Scorcher’s reply to Dappy’s diss track Tarzan 2. The north London rapper decided to take it beyond the internet and diss Dappy during a performance… in Dappy’s home town of Camden.

Scorcher took to the stage and gave a fantastic performance which was full of life, at the Sick A Bit showcase at The Purple Turtle in Camden last night. After performing his hit single All Love, Scorcher shouted to the hyped up audience:

Who in here likes Dappy? Who thinks sniffing cocaine is cool?

The audience, who had been waiting for Scorcher’s performance all night, gave a mixed response to both questions. Just moments later, Scorcher performed his reply track Rockstar, much to the audience’s delight, and even those who hadn’t heard the track online were bursting out in laughter at some of the punchlines.

Check out the video of his full performance, filmed by JStar Entertainment here, watch from 2:20 to see the diss:

After his flawless performance, Scorcher decided to take a picture with the audience, explaining that because he was in Dappy’s home town with a nice audience, he wanted to get on Dappy’s nerves commerorate the occasion.

How do you think the beef between these two talented artists will end?