It looks like Sneakbo could have rubbed some of his northern fans up the wrong way after lashing out on stage on Monday night during the Sheffield leg of the Bigga Fish Champions Tour.

Sneakbo being restrained from clashing with the crowd by security

The south London rapper appeared at the O2 Academy in Sheffield along with other UK artists such as Lady Leshurr, Roxxxan and Stooshe. However, it seems his performance didn’t impress the crowd that much, as one fan threw their drink at him.

A source told Pappzd:

I don’t know the full story yet but Sneakbo was meant to have got a drink dashed on him and its all gone off from there.

And by ‘all gone off from there’ he means that The Wave star then told the crowd to ‘suck their mum’, which resulted in a number of angry fans. Although according to RTD Productionz it was actually Sneakbo who first provoked the fans by directing insults to members of the crowd while on stage which led to them throwing their drinks.

A video of the incident surfaced early this morning however it has now been removed from YouTube. In the video Sneakbo was seen jumping down from the stage trying to confront whoever threw the drink, however his bodyguards restrained him. Nobody was harmed.

As usual, Twitter was in a frenzy after the show with witnesses recalling what they saw:

Oh dear.

Ironically earlier on in the night (and we assume before this incident occurred) Sneakbo tweeted:

Well if these tweets are true, it looks like there still might be a bit more growing left to do.

Were you at the Bigga Fish tour in Sheffield and saw what happened? Let us know.