When we learnt that EastEnder’s Whitney Dean, played by Shona McGarty, had been suspended from the show for four weeks, we immediately wondered what scandal she had been involved in. Drugs? Secret contract with Hollyoaks? Sex tape?

But it turns out our imaginations may have run slightly wild, because she’s only gone and gotten herself punished for arriving late on set a few too many times.

Despite being warned previously Shona continued to turn up late to the EastEnders set which often angered her colleagues and the crew. Though we can’t exactly imagine Fatboy with fume coming out of his ears…

A BBC source revealed:

Shona failed to turn up on time on more than one occasion and was really laid back about why she was late. People are understanding when it’s once or even twice but her lateness was becoming a huge problem.

The talented actress also got herself into trouble earlier this year after she suggestively rubbed Yogurt all over herself in an Asda supermarket with her boyfriend Matt Lapinskas, who plays Anthony Moon on the show.

Once a rebel, always a rebel eh?