When Simon Cowell revealed that he was struggling with single life, we knew some pretty young thing would be appearing on his arm soon. And when we found out he had hired former reality star Layla Manoochehri to work for him, we had to admit we were a bit jealous and very suspicious.

Now Layla and Simon may not be a couple just yet, but the fact that he’s given her the job of talent spotter at Syco, despite her apparently having no experience, shows that he must like her quite a bit.

Layla and Simon in happier times

Layla was a contestant on the X Factor in 2008 but obviously didn’t have what Simon was looking for at the time as her girlband was voted off in the live rounds. A Simon that did like what she had, was Simon Webbe of Blue who enjoyed a six year relationship with the pretty brunette before he was dumped last year after she caught him in bed with Chloe Simms.

Well we hope Layla’s not the settle down and get married type, because Simon Cowell is well and truly not about that life.