The release of Tulisa Contostavlos’ sex tape left her both exposed and humiliated. And it seems that just as she’s getting back on track, the culprits have decided to apologise. Bit late now eh?

First it was MC Ultra and now Simon Cowell’s former aide Christ Herbert has apologised for the release of the tape which featured the N-Dubz star.

Herbert said that he continually told Justin Edwards not to try and make money from the clip. Looks like his powers of persuasion really worked. Not.

He also said:

My reputation and business has been ruined by these unsavoury people. I never tried to make a penny.

I even got a lawyer to tell him he would be sued. I tried to protect him because he was my client but I never made or asked for a penny. To be honest, I wish I’d never set eyes on the idiot.

Herbert has also since been sacked as a consultant from The X Factor.

Well, that’ll teach him not to mess with the likes of Tulisa again. Also never apologise when you haven’t done anything wrong Herbert. It makes you look guilty.